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1927 Was born in Leninakan October 8

1940-1942 Studies in the Art School named after Merkurov 

1942-1947 Studies in the Yerevan Art Specialized School named after F. Terlemezyan 
(tutor- M. Aslamazyan)

Entered the Painting department of Yerevan Art Institute

1949-1950 Studies in the Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Leningrad 
(tutor – Y. Neprimtsev)

1950-1953 Continues studies in the Yerevan Institute of Art and Theatre; graduated from the Institute with the diploma of artist 

1953 Started participating in republic, all-union and foreign exhibitions 

1959 Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR

Personal exhibition "Young talents" in the House of Composers (Alexander Grigoryan, Paruyr Sevak, Metaksya Simonyan, Yury Yerzinkyan, Edgar Hovhannissyan,)

1960 Elected member of the Board of the Artists Union at the Republic Congress of Artists

Creative business-trip to Czechoslovakia

1961 Awarded a bronze medal of the Exhibition of National Economy Achievements of the USSR for the illustrations to the fairy-tale "The Lying Hunter" (author Hov. Toumanyan)
1962 Participation in the exhibition "Five Artists of Armenia" (Alexander Grigoryan, A. Kapantsyan, L.Bajbeuk-Melikyan, H. Siravyan, A. Minas,)

Honorary diploma of the Central Committee of the Communist Union of Youth for the best work at the exhibition "Youth of Armenia"

Bronze medal of the Exhibition of National Economy Achievements of the USSR for the illustrations to A. Isahakyan's book "Legends and Fairy-tales"

1965 Participation in the exhibition "Days of Armenian Culture in Plovdiv" (Bulgaria)

1967 Participation in the exhibition "Armenian Painters" in Montreal (Canada)

Honorary diploma of the All-Union Central Committee of Trade-Unions of Armenia

1968 Personal exhibition in the House of Artists of Armenia in Yerevan, then in Echmiatzin and Dilijan

Participation in the exhibitions “Days of Armenian Art” in Canada and Burcharest
Honorary diploma of Republic of Armenia
1969 Exhibition “Six Artists of Armenia” in Moscow, Volgograd, Tartu and Alma-Ata (Al.Grigoryan, H.Hakobyan, A.Avetissyan, Gr.Aghassyan, V.Karapetyan, G.Gojabashyan)

1970 Participation in the exhibition of Armenian art in Paris

Title of the Honoured Artist of Armenia. 

1972 Participant of "International Exhibition of the Book for Children" in Bologna (Italy) 

1973 Elected member of the Board of the Union of Artists at the Xth Congress of Artists of Armenia
Secretary of the Committee of painting 
Participant of the exhibition "World Book Drawing" in the Netherlands 

1975 Creative business-trip to Bulgaria and participation in the exhibition "International Plein air”

1976 Participation in exhibitions of Armenian artists in Buenos-Aires and Ulan-Bator

1977 Personal exhibition in Moscow (Central House of Art Workers) 

Participation in the exhibition "Days of Armenia" in Copenhagen, Cologne, Algeria, Paris

The third prize for the portraits "Arpik Kapantsyan", "Minas Avetissyan" and "Henrik Igityan” at the Republic Exhibition of Drawing

Personal joint exhibition in Baku (together with painter H. Mamyan) 

oil on canvas, 1970. 180 × 60  

1978 Exhibition in Gyulbekyan's Gallery "Modern Armenian Painting" in Portugal (Lisbon) 

1978-1980 Monumental frescos "Pushkin in Armenia", "David Bek", "Commander Andranik" (together with painter G. Azizyan)

1979 Participation in the exhibition "Armenian Art" in Zagreb (Yugoslavia)

1980 Personal exhibition in London ("Alpine" Gallery and the House of Friendship "England-USSR")
Elected member of the Board of British-Soviet Friendship 
1984 Personal joint exhibition together with painter H. Hakobyan in Kassel (Germany)

Honorary medal of Vissbaden handed by the Mayer of the city Vissbaden (Germany)

1985 Personal exhibition in the House of Artists in Armenia (Yerevan, Leninakan, Kirovakan)

Honorary diploma for the participation in the exhibition "Ex-libris of Artists of Trans-Caucasus" (Tbilisi)

1987 Personal exhibition in Zagreb ("Days of Armenian Culture" Yugoslavia) 
Personal exhibitions in Zaporojye and Donetsk 

1988 Personal exhibitions in Voroshilovgrad and Stakhanov 

1990 Personal exhibition in Leningrad ("Nasledie" Gallery)

1993 Joint exhibition in Beirut

1994 Joint exhibition in the Arab Emirates 

1995 Personal exhibition in the Museum of Avetik Isahakyan - Illustrations for Avetik Isahakyan's works. Yerevan

1996 Exhibition of Armenian Artists in Paris (Armenian Embassy in France) 

1996 Personal exhibition in Yerevan, dedicated to France, Iran, Turkmenia and Greece

1998 Joint exhibition (for sale) in Toronto (together with Armenian artists) 

1998 Lyrics collection is published

2000 Personal exhibition (for sale) in Toronto (Canada)

2001-2005 Personal exhibitions in Armenian Cultural Relationships Society in Yerevan 

Works of Alexander Grigoryan can be found in the Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), in the Museum of Eastern People (Moscow), in the galleries of Armenia, Lithuania, Donetsk (Ukraine), Kazakhstan, in Strajitsa (Bulgaria), in private collections in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Los-Angeles, Beirut, London, Madrid, Paris, New-York, Toronto, San-Paulo, Warsaw and so on.